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ADHIS Technotes

ADHIS Technotes provide a concise summary of issues for farmers and service providers in the herd improvement industry.

 ADHIS Technote 1.pdf (59KB Adobe PDF) Expression of ABVs for Non-Production Traits
 ADHIS Technote 2.pdf (58KB Adobe PDF) Get ready for the New Expression of ABVs
 ADHIS Technote 3.pdf (85KB Adobe PDF) ABV Trait Description
 ADHIS Technote 5.pdf (99KB Adobe PDF) Talking about ABVs
 ADHIS Technote 6.pdf (82KB Adobe PDF) Assessing dairy cows using ABVs
 ADHIS Technote 7.pdf (87KB Adobe PDF) The benefits of herd recording
 ADHIS Technote 8.pdf (82KB Adobe PDF) Cell Count ABVs
 ADHIS Technote 9.pdf (78KB Adobe PDF) Semen Fertility Values
 ADHIS Technote 10.pdf (197KB Adobe PDF) Improving Data
 ADHIS Technote 11.pdf (111KB Adobe PDF) Production Index (PI)
 ADHIS Technote 12.pdf (127KB Adobe PDF) Breeding for Survival (Longevity)
 ADHIS Technote 13.pdf (101KB Adobe PDF) APR: Updated Formula
 ADHIS Technote 14.pdf (197KB Adobe PDF) Rear Teat Placement ABV
 ADHIS Technote 15 - Genetic Codes.pdf (322KB Adobe PDF)
 ADHIS Technote 16 Haplotypes.pdf (107KB Adobe PDF) Haplotypes affecting fertility
 ADHIS Worksheet - Developing a Breeding Objective.pdf (354KB Adobe PDF)
 ADHIS Worksheet - Developing a Breeding plan.pdf (422KB Adobe PDF)
 FutureDairy Technote - Breeding for AMS 0813.pdf (105KB Adobe PDF)

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